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Time: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 00:28:10 GMT
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JeffMagnus node of the day: Everything 2 Civil War

What did I do today? Spent some time on chatterbox. Witnessed what may have been the first shot fired in a second Everything 2 Civil War.

I, too, shall bend as a reed in the wind.

IRL, I had a most wonderful breakfast. At 1:30. Got new tires (do the British still say "tyres"? If so I prefer that spelling. Actually, I prefer most things Brit) on the car.

A boy whom I helped come out of the closet is in pretty dire straits right now, so I spoke to him on the phone for about 3 hours, wishing I could do more. I wanted to be there, to enfold him in my arms and take the hurt away. More than anything, I want to know why he didn't listen to me before he put himself into the situation he's in.

Youth, truly, is wasted on the young.

Ah well, he'll appreciate me more when he comes back.

And he is coming back, I just learned.

For one week, to wrap up the last things he needs to do for his job down here, which he just quit, since they don't want him to telecommute.

Then he's gone for good.

Life is like that.

IRL I went for a walk, and bought some notebooks (the paper kind). Everything was, as usual a little more interesting. After more than a week of not writing nodes (depression, home crisis, blah blah) I was drawn out by the one thing that can always get me shouting: censorship. If you do not know whereof I speak, see E2 does not support free speech. Sorry. After what has been called the beginning of another E2 war, the issue was solved calmly and rationally. The fact that we can, even sometimes, settle disputes here without resorting to name calling and various forms of vitriol shows why I prefer E2 to the real world. What an interesting day...
Oh, and I played about six hours of FF8 which I finally got around to installing.
Today's minutiae

Spent more time writing e-mail than actually working. Wrote a song composed almost entirely of phrases pilfered from e-mails my friends have sent me. Played with a few tunes in the ol' noggin..

It's getting easier day by day to go a whole work day without speaking to a single other person. I've almost managed to achieve this today. I'd almost be proud of myself if the whole situation wasn't so appallingly pathetic.

I've had my car for three days now, and to start with I was extremely nervous about driving again, but it's all coming back now.. Soon I will be able to go on one of those road trips that people always talk about. I'll have to make some special mix tapes for the occasion.

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8:30 BST

My Rollercoaster Emotional state

I think I have identified a common theme in my life: The more terrified I am before an event, the more over enthusiastic I am about it after the fact. I was utterly terrified before going karting, and now I love it. I was very scared before going the E2 London Meet, and I was very excited about it afterwards. I was acting very silly yesterday, telling everyone on #everything and the chatterbox about the meet.

Ah well, still got some growing up to do.

Non-trolling open source commentary: There's been a lot of guff written about why Gnome has been chosen by Sun et al over KDE. The reason is simple. Gnome is viewed as American, while KDE is far more European. Note that this opinion is not anti-american or european, nor is it anti-Gnome or KDE. If anything, it is anti-Sun.

12:35 BST

ClearCase sucks. It stores it's files in a stupid UUID system that cannot be simply copied across to another machine. Oh for the simplicity of CVS!

I have a meeting with my Project Leader soon. We're to discuss my Business and Development objectives. Business Objectives are targets set by the Project leader, while Development objectives are things like "I will learn more perl this year". The two classes of objectives are meant to be set independently, but what really happens is that you have to ask whether your development objective fits what your project leader wants you to do.

I hate myself right now

This isn't a silly node about suicide, just a thought or two about my general worthiness in life.

I'm 5'9", and nothing special to look at. I work as a web developer, which isn't famed for being a taxing or particularly good job. I'm also a student, doing a pretty simple implementation of a Computer Science degree and an average university in a northern dull town.

I'm probably not the world's best lover, nor the world's best conversationalist, nor the world's best socializer, or will be the world's best father. I'm just an average chap, and that kinda scares me.

While I don't believe in fate, sometimes I can't help thinking that I must be here for a reason, whichkinda leaves me confused. If I am, then what is it?

It reminds me of the Culture novel Use of Weapons, where Cheradenine Zakalwe is sitting at a table having a drink in a GSV. A man comes up and wipes his table, which surprises Zakalwe, as The Culture is a hedonisic utopian society where no-one is made to do anything and wiping tables isn't everyone's idea of a good time.
The man goes on to explain that his main job is to help interpret religeous scrolls and artifacts, but he wipes tables so he can see the smile in their faces, and can tell that he has made a difference to their day.

Now I wish that I could see smiles on people's faces when I node...


My cell phone seems to be tilted. Hmph. It's Nokia 9110 - the phone seems to work (no one has called, so I don't really know) but the PDA side seems to be completely hosed, it displays the logo and writes "System error, please remove the battery and restart" (in Finnish) on top of the picture (yesterday it actually bothered to clear the screen and display it in a window!).

And what I did to it? Well, nothing. It probably never occurred to the folks at Nokia that someone would use the phone with less than 100 kb of free memory...

Cool language thing: According to Webster, e- means "out, out of, from, without". So, E-mail is "no mail". =) Was this what The Brunching Shuttlecocks thought of when they made Notmail toy?


Euronews "No Comments" section had a cool clip from UK... Some guy in penguin suit tried to fly. Well, penguins generally don't fly... =)


Caught Honda P3 robot clip from EuroNews to video. That thing is way cool. =)

Dammit! Golgotha Forever has shut down. =( And that game looked damn promising already. Another sad fate for that game. I hope someone will continue the project...



You Know You've Been Noding Too Much When You Remember Netscape Keys Better Than Emacs Keys. =)

Airplane! in TV. First movie I'm watching from xawtv...

Hmm, well, I bashed through a week's worth of newspapers, cut some articles from them - one about 3D Mark, one pointy opinion about cell phones and the Internet, one about dating services in the Web, one about "retirement" of Drakens, and one about Donald Duck translation to Helsinki slang...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Euronews video4linux Gym Form Plus Draken

I'm still confused. My SO (who, as most of you know by now, is out of the country for 10 months) called me last night. I can't believe it. I love that girl so much. We talked for 33 minutes, and the call will cost her approximately $200 USD. I didn't sleep much last night. I was up till 2:00AM and woke up at 8:30AM. After so many nights of not being able to sleep due to loneliness, it starts to take its toll. I'm expecting e-mail from her later. Damn I love her.

To Be Continued...

I CAN'T GET A GOOD, CLEAN SHAVE. My facial hair has learned to recognize the sound of my electrical razor, and withdraw or lie down as soon as they hear it. I guess I'll have to whip out the old (t)rusty straightedge and teach those renegades a lesson.

HEADING NORTH. I'm doing some documentation away from office. Far, far away from office. Next week, maybe. Depends on how things turn out.

THEY ARE OUT TO GET ME. I recently moved, and reported my new address to all relevant authorities, forwarded my mail and so on. Shortly after that, an envelope containing postcards and stickers with my new address arrived in the mail. However, there had been some kind of mistake - instead of number 34, the postcards and stickers all said that I now lived in 35. Hmm. The address on the envelope in which the postcards arrived was also wrong, but it managed to find its way to the correct letterbox anyway. I decided to call the post office the next day to report the error. However, as I came home the next day, a new envelope was waiting for me, with the correct address. "OK," I thought, "they have realised their mistake." Everything was just fine until today. As I tried to get the application forms for a new driver's license I gave my social security number. They did a lookup and told me my name and address to verify that they had got the correct number. Except they hadn't - according to them, I was living in number 38.
Coincidence my ass. They are out to get me and I know it.

TODAY'S SOUNDTRACK: Portishead - Glorytimes

Here I am, another day at work spent on E2. God I love my job.
Whoa, after the war on E2 last night, I'm a little tired. I'd like to say that I have no ill feelings towards ANYONE on E2. Frequently however, I disagree with what a number of people say, but I do not hold it against that user. You can consider this a formal appology for anyone who was offended by my side.

The Linux Box (Mordecai) and all peripherals, short of the sound card are rockin' hard. I must have a problematic sound card, this one always gives me trouble, no matter what OS I run. I'm dealing mostly in KDE, but I like the feel of the Enligtenment for Gnome on Mandrake 7.0. Tonight I will play with it some more, until I am using it completely instead of my Windows Box.

Why is it that some people feel the need to hurt each other? In fact not only do they hurt each other, they find it fun too.
It was only 2 weeks ago that 2 people, random people, decided that they were going to start a fight with my little brother (so he is 18 years old, he will always be my little brother). He had not provoked them and because he is so short, 5'4" I think, and too scared to fight back they successfully managed to fracture his cheek bone and give him two black eyes.
So what did these people want? Money? No they didn't take his money. Had my brother possibly threatened them in anyway? Well I certainly don't think he looks particularly menacing, even if he had carried out a threat ( which he wouldn't, he is too meek ). No they did it for fun.
The thing is they were laughing about it all afterwards, according to witnesses, and he was really injured.
Finally? One of them was a woman. I am definitely not being sexist, in fact the opposite. I am hoping that one day women who blame men for most violence will see that women can be just as violent.
Hurting others is not funny, especially when it happens to someone you love.

friday night i worked late, got to the mans house around 10. he had dinner waiting to be prepared. fajita and creole steak (for him) and fajita chicken (for me), grilled of course. big portabello mushroom caps. a bottle of Don Julio tequila (yum. i'm glad we can get that despite the agave shortages) to round out the evening.

saturday was gorgeous. woke up relatively early, headed to a gun show in dale city, then on to the man's parents house then we went to get manicures. the little vietnamese lady obviously didn't understand me when i said i didn't want anything except to strengthen my natural nails. she sat me down and much to my horror promptly chopped off my pretty natural nails. i now have french tips and acrylic. they are longer than my natural nails were and i am still getting used to typing. i will probably file them a bit shorter this evening.

sunday morning i woke up in a pretty crappy mood, and was looking forward to heading home to smoke pot and sulk. then i realized that was a pretty shitty plan and so i decided to take up george on his invitation to go out on his new 25" power boat. the man and i got dressed, drove to occoquan, and had some drinks (no good tequila, so we had kamikazes) at the waterfront cantina since george was (as always) late. it was gloomy, but as soon as we got on the boat and prepared to head out, the skies cleared and it turned into a wonderful sunny warm day, perfect for boating. we zoomed around, then settled at a nice swimming spot. i was the only one to get in, and that was only briefly as i am a chicken about swimming. sunday was the cream of the crop.

so now, it's monday morning and i'm back at work. i got here late as i woke up in pain and headed to the doctor's office to be looked at. i will find out this afternoon for sure if i need surgery again. i am hoping there is another explanation than residual gallstones, and if not i am praying there are non-surgical options. regardless, i am in high spirits today.

since today i'm working with doctors, i will hold off on my must-do-today list until tomorrow. the plan for today was to work out my tax situation (fed taxes weren't filed correctly or completely, state weren't filed at all, but they owe me so it shouldn't be a big issue). i need to find a tax man to help me out. tomorrow.

last thursday i sat down and took care of my snail mail and bills, and that is all set.

now, all that out of the way, i can see there's some new controversy about E2 going on regarding free speech, editor functions, etc. all i have to say about the issue is that as much as a noder might bitch about how others conduct themselves on E2, not much is really going to change. people will vote how they want to vote, edit and nuke what they want to, and cool the stuff they think is cool. bitch all you want but you'll only get downvoted on those bitch nodes. do what YOU want to do within E2. if, at some point, it stops being fun for you, move on. but E2 is how it is.


well, the doctors appointments sucked. they decided they wanted abdominal CT scans, with barium and contrast dye. barium sucks ass. watery white glue with a bit of coconut flavouring. man that shit sucks. but for as much as it sucked, everything looks normal. that's deffinitely outstanding news.
Yesterday I: Bought delicate light pink nail polish with tiny silver sparkles in it. Mm, pretty. God, I would have smacked myself a few years ago. Oh well. I can enjoy the feminine side of life now, I feel more rounded because of it. My SO and I have been discovering the lovely side of being sappy, too. Heehee. Um. Oh yeah--writing exercise:

Here and now I am... sitting with one window behind me and a set to my right, little track lights glowing above me. Here and now I feel the nearly constant tension in my back and neck, and I wonder how I'm going to get lunch. I can smell nothing interesting from here, but I remember how the coffee tasted earlier this morning. Besides the hysteric vibrato of the phones, I can hear the construction down the street on the new buildings, and between me and the X Games at the base of the Bay Bridge. Here and now I sense changes in my life; things have just been shaken up, tossed into the air, and they haven't fallen back to rest yet....

My best friend needs to meet someone interesting! She is 23 years old, about 5' 4", cute in a cute sort of way, has very curly auburn hair, and truly amazing blue-green eyes. She has a silly sense of humor and likes stupid movies like Mel Brooks stuff and Airplane!. She loves cats and animals. She has a BA in sociology. She is a feminist, not an academic, reads sf and fantasy, likes movies, rock music, occasional gaming, and musicals, is not computer-geeky but computer literate, doesn't wear makeup, is probably a good cuddler, and is not skinny. She likes funky things with bright colors and fake fur, and insects, and velvet. She is a very liberal Catholic. You may use the date form if you wish. ;p My I-don't-care-if-I-get-spammed-here email is bellchan@aol.com ... we've been friends since sixth grade. I post this here just to see if anything may come of it, but probably not. At any rate, know that if I should introduce you to her virtually or rlly, I'll hurt you bad if you are mean or mess with her mind or heart in any way. Ahem. Anyway....Okay okay, she's currently in the Ohio-Kentucky area. This is not her fault, and I'll be dragging her elsewhere as soon as I can.

I'VE BEEN BORGED. It's the first time ever, though, so that's not bad. (My crime was saying I was bored, I guess.)
She had made it clear that the truth was what she wanted to know and what mattered the most. I had promised myself that I would tell her where I was about us.

But for the past several days I hesitated. What I had to say was most definitely not a pleasant answer or *the* answer anyone would want to hear. Seeing her happy had made it even harder. I did not want to somehow destroy that, but she still preferred the truth. Finally I did say it, but it took prompting from her. My words went against what she, deep down, had hoped would be. And she still smiled somehow.

To you:

I'm sorry if my hesitation had raised your hopes even higher. That was not my intention. That would be cruel. It probably was.

You have been insanely understanding and that's something I can't forget.

I don't know if your feelings will eventualy let you still talk to me.

I'm sorry.

I am back in the mother country

Had an uneventful drive home in my beautiful old car, crossing two states not being able to see out the rear window. I felt very hippy, what with the old Chevy Blazer being stacked literally to almost its complete volume with the contents of my apartment.

Prior to the uneventful drive home, I had an uneventful weekend with her. Had typically confusing relationship issues, but decided to keep things going only on a termination at will basis. So that it doesn't begin to feel like an obligation; as soon as one of us wants out, we're out.

as things should be.

So yes, now I am in the lull between the summer-long taste of the real world and the slightly annoying transistion back to college. Enjoying the comforts of an attentive mom, my brothers, and the like. Seeing the beautiful miss hershey cat and smooch dog and all that. You know... the joys of being back with the parents. and all that.

My day started with pumpernickel bagels and cream cheese, which I ate as I cataloged six more books in my homegrown MySQL database, affixed Dewey Decimal System call number labels to their spines, and shelved.

At work, I've been setting up my new Dell PC. Woo-hoo! It's got:

256MB 133MHz SDRAM,
a 32MB NVIDIA TNT2 M64 AGP video card,
a 10GB, 7200RPM hard drive,
and Win98 SE.

I kept my old 21" monitor. (Wouldn't you?)

Had to WORK today.

Yeah, what's new, I know. Actually, I had stuff to do before work. Had to take a shower last night so my hair would be mostly dry this morning. Got up at 6:30, grabbed some clothes, brushed my hair, and raced off to my photo shoot at the State Park. It was frickin cold outside this morning; I was absolutely feezing even with jeans and a polar fleece on. Pictures went well enough, although I wonder if you'll be able to see the goose bumps on my arms in every one. At least I wasn't naked. Then I had to rush striaght to work. Yay. It wasn't so bad though. Mondays are truck days, and today we got thirteen skids of new Christmas stuff to put out on the floor. It was hectic, and therefore went by in the blink of an eye. Almost nothing remarkable occured, other than the fact that everyone working was giddy and constantly giggling and yelling to each other across the store. That's what happens when our manager (the big Susan) goes on vacation. We even decided to try breaking dishes for fun, although no one got up the nerve to try it with a supervisor around. Maybe tomorrow, though.

Finally, I have my things installed and configured in my new dorm room. My new Mandrake 7.1 box is up (quasar.resnet.tamu.edu if you want to ping me...), and damn it's quick. Yay for Athlon

Unfortunately, My ex-girlfriend lives on the floor above me... :-(
It still irks me that the back stabbing bitch is getting sex and I'm not. Oh well, life goes on...
The first day of a 'new' school year. Yeah, new to everyone but me. This is my fourth, read it again, FOURTH college that I'm attending. Attempting and intending to attend. And to think, after I'm done here, there's no telling how many there will be after that.

But it's a good day...even though one of my classes was cancelled....with no 'mail from my counselor. S'all right, at least my Web class is still intact. I have a few moments because of said cancelled class, so I'm venting. Whoever determined the Gulf of Mexico was an inhabitable coast needs to be shot, drawn and quartered, and dragged by wild horses. It's a big soup bowl out there, just simmering, and all of us here on land are getting roasted.

But I promised myself when I moved here, I wouldn't bitch about the weather. I said my piece.

Bought a new keyboard, so I am very much entertained and I will be happy for small pleasures.

I was so scared walking into my web class. Actually, I was worse off after I walked in on the C++ class by mistake. But I ran down to where the class was held. I have to tell you, I don't feel badly at all being in that class. So far, the instructor wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. ( brushes fingers off of shirt and blows on them.) No, I think they placed me at just the right level. For once. Wish me luck, guys, I have a long way to go.

Job hunting sucks.

I went to a job fair today. I touched base with some companies, and hopefully I will have an interview with WebTrends this week. We'll see what happens. When I got home from my last day at work on Friday, there was a message from someone in IT at Providence Health Systems saying he was "very impressed" with my resume, and wanted to talk to me about it. However, he's out of town on vacation until next Monday. I'm crossing my fingers.

I found out I didn't get the job at my dad's office. Bummer. It would have been an excellent position for me. Let's hope for this job at Providence. It would be weird if I ended up working for them since my mother worked for them for quite a few years as one of the IS managers.

I'm trying to shop for "job clothes" on the Land's End site since they have some cool stuff in the overstocks catalog, but their site keeps fritzing out. I might just write down all the item numbers I'm interested in and call them. I have realized how spoiled I was by the internet connection at my old job today. Surfing on a modem sucks when you start getting used to a T-3.

I'm trying not to worry that quitting my job was a bad idea. I do miss some of the people already. I got some email today from people at work saying that it was weird not having me there. Its weird not being at work. I do enjoy not going though. Maybe now I'll write a node all about where I used to work.

Nodes That I Wrote Today:
things you can do with old business cards

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Fiona Apple - Tidal
2 Techno/Electronic CD's that came with my issue of Revolution

Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - Back to the land is your rallying cry under Taurus Moon. Consider ways you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. Thought-provoking ideas lift your mind to new heights this evening as the Sun joins Mercury. Go on a writing binge.

I don't go to sleep to dream.

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Last night was the "Back to School street party" event here at school. It was your typical school sponsored event. School leaders who you'll never see again got up and spoke and said nice optomistic things like: "Our school is the best!", "This is the best freshman class ever!" (hey now, they told me mine was the best!), "Go vote!" and "Remember to vote for bonds to help schooling!". I wasn't sure when it had turned into a political rally, but even though we were all in the band standing up front we managed to make fun of it. I even came back after band for the party/social/free food part of it, mostly for the Anime club and for the people I wanted to see.

I'm usually not one for those kind of parties. I feel more alone in a large crowd than I do in an empty room. I got to see a lot of people though. I saw a girl from my highschool who a good friend went to prom with and dated briefly. I didn't know her well. It was one of those odd meetings. A point in common. Not much more. Awkward brief obligatory conversation. Nice to see her, but I obviously didn't matter much to her. I also saw a friend with whom I was very close with last year. She was one of those people who meander briefly through your life and change you forever. It was very bittersweet to see her. I had missed her a lot, and had written her a few emails over the past few months. All of which went unanswered. So, but it was a mix of emotions when I saw her again, hair in two braids and spreading sunshine as always. I had missed her, but upon seeing her there was a lot of internal pain, knowing how close we had been and how far apart we were now.

That's what usually pains me about people in general, and why the crowd of people last night made me sad. I've tasted what true friendship is like and anything that plays at being that pales in comparison. It hurts me to not be close to people I really care about, especially when I have been close to them in the past. I don't mean to be elitist about my friendships, or even to imply that I know a lot about friendship or what it should be. It's just that I've had really good past experiences with incredible close friendships, and it hurts me when I can't find people to share that with here.

But it wasn't all bad...*happy*, I got a lot of hugs (and later in the night a lot of backrubs *drooooool*) and so that certainly made me a very happy person. I'm quite a cat like that: pet me and I'll just purr happily. *happy* My roommate (see yesterday's Day Log, which for some reason is now my highest voted writeup by a factor of two and a half) managed to somehow connive his way into a single on the nice side of campus in a great dorm, and is moving out tommorrow. I could perhaps have a room to myself. Blissful privacy! *smile* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
I worked alone today, or with a dozen voices. I spent most of the day on the telephone handling some administrative issues.

On one of the calls I found out that several people were meeting in Detroit to discuss issues that I thought I was involved with. But no one had even told me about the meeting. It could be because I haven't transitioned to the new organization, or it coudl be because they just think I'm not technical enough to participate in the planning sessions. Whatever. I hate being left out. I hate being included too when it requires my time in a non-billable project. I'm sure I would be unhappy no matter what.

The problem with virtual officing is the lack of human faces. I don't see any at my apartment. I have to go to the grocery store or a restaurant for that. It's getting really strange. I'm becoming an island every time I'm here. And now I hate being on the road too. We underbid our current project and are staying at a cheap motel where the windows will not open. I feel like I'm sleeping in a tomb when I'm there. I am unhappy in either place.

Hey - this is all whining! Without the officemates, I've got no one to whine to even! Oh well - does it matter? Everything I post gets downvoted immediately anyway. I could probably post an entire node of swear words and get the same XP as a node of the most beautiful poetry ever written. Either way, I would be unhappy.

I have just got to get over this funk.
"It works! I can't believe it! And they said IMITATION diamond wasn't good enough!" - Dr. Fred Edison, Day of the Tentacle

I left the Linux box last night with a new kernel itching to go, a second NIC with route statements in rc.local, and a Windoze box whining for an internet connection.

I woke up this morning with but one goal, but one thought on my mind: Masq.

Not only is the local LAN working now, with full all-out communication, but the IPMasq is also working! The network is set! Though it IS a bitch to try to make a computer connect in from the outside...

Now THIS is sweet. I can access any computer locally via it's own IP at full 100baseT. Sure beats the hell outta depending on @Home's upstream cap. Games seem to play fine, I can IRC, browse http, and all while cheating @Home out of IP addys! Now THAT'S worth something.


slow start

I woke up at four in the afternoon - how fucking pathetic. I have to wake up earlier tomorrow or I'm going to beat myself. Apparently I had an interesting dream last night but I forgot it in the 30 minutes it took me to get upstairs, so no Dream Log entry. I grabbed some tacos and was microvaving them when my mom called. I had expected her around 7:30, but she realized we would probably go out for dinner. I went out to experience a few moments of Zen watering the plants. My father came home halfway through. I finished and we took off.

nihongo tabemono and skater shoes

I had a short doctor's appointment and then we went out for dinner. We ate at Aoba, a Japanese restaurant in downtown Glendale. Apparently the parents had gone to the restaurant a lot until it moved. They had tonkatsu, although they served it without the shredded cabbage I'm used to having. Sigh.. it wasn't that good, either. The tuna sashimi wasn't worth it as well, although the vegetable tempura was. We left somewhat disappointed. My current pair of shoes is falling apart after a year of heavy use, so we looked for a new pair. Seems like every fucking pair I liked had a white strip. I don't want a fucking white shoe. I think it's a conspiracy by the designers to people buy more shoes after the white strip turns grimy in normal use. Too angry? Three stores and not one worthy shoe. Arghh. Picked up some more notebooks too - some for school, and one for personal reflections and ideas.

web thumb page ftp nail index

When we came back home it was time for another episode in the Saga of Get those damn vacation photos on the Web!, starring my father and I. Found some program called Thumbs Plus and started to thumbnail the pics only to realize some of the pictures were at a 90 degree bend. I thought we had dealt with this earlier, but apparently not. So I whipped out IrfanView and started to fix it, only to find out the pictures were being saved in the wrong directory. Twice. Apparently the program kept where the last picture had been saved in memory even after closing, but only if one did Save as... as opposed to simply Save. That done, I thumbnailed until figuring out I was thumbnailing the non-fixed copies of the photos. Aiyah. Finally, I thumbnailed the proper copies. That done, I found out the stupid program fucked up the URL, requiring me to go in my hand and fix it for each page, not to mention the fact that I was stupid and didn't have it create the files as index.html and such. I stab my head! But finally, finally - it is complete. Joy.

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