Job hunting sucks.

I went to a job fair today. I touched base with some companies, and hopefully I will have an interview with WebTrends this week. We'll see what happens. When I got home from my last day at work on Friday, there was a message from someone in IT at Providence Health Systems saying he was "very impressed" with my resume, and wanted to talk to me about it. However, he's out of town on vacation until next Monday. I'm crossing my fingers.

I found out I didn't get the job at my dad's office. Bummer. It would have been an excellent position for me. Let's hope for this job at Providence. It would be weird if I ended up working for them since my mother worked for them for quite a few years as one of the IS managers.

I'm trying to shop for "job clothes" on the Land's End site since they have some cool stuff in the overstocks catalog, but their site keeps fritzing out. I might just write down all the item numbers I'm interested in and call them. I have realized how spoiled I was by the internet connection at my old job today. Surfing on a modem sucks when you start getting used to a T-3.

I'm trying not to worry that quitting my job was a bad idea. I do miss some of the people already. I got some email today from people at work saying that it was weird not having me there. Its weird not being at work. I do enjoy not going though. Maybe now I'll write a node all about where I used to work.

Nodes That I Wrote Today:
things you can do with old business cards

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Fiona Apple - Tidal
2 Techno/Electronic CD's that came with my issue of Revolution

Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - Back to the land is your rallying cry under Taurus Moon. Consider ways you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. Thought-provoking ideas lift your mind to new heights this evening as the Sun joins Mercury. Go on a writing binge.

I don't go to sleep to dream.