A large, hairy nut which grows from trees in places of warm climate. Used in a popular fairground game where an attempt is made to dislodge said nut from a platform by use of a projectile (usually a thrown ball). Success in this occupation is usually limited due to the nut being, or at least perceived to be, glued to the platform.

A large seed usually found on sunny, tropical islands. If they fall in the ocean, they can float for a long time until they reach another island they can take root on.

On certain television programs, their primary uses are: (A) food, (B) alcoholic beverages, and (C) cheap laughs, as in when Gilligan leans against a palm tree and gets knocked unconscious by a falling coconut.

An Indian person who has chosen to completely forsake his/her Indian heritage usually in favor of a culture that is distinctly American. The phrase originates from one who is "white" on the inside and "brown" on the outside, akin to a coconut.

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