I am back in the mother country

Had an uneventful drive home in my beautiful old car, crossing two states not being able to see out the rear window. I felt very hippy, what with the old Chevy Blazer being stacked literally to almost its complete volume with the contents of my apartment.

Prior to the uneventful drive home, I had an uneventful weekend with her. Had typically confusing relationship issues, but decided to keep things going only on a termination at will basis. So that it doesn't begin to feel like an obligation; as soon as one of us wants out, we're out.

as things should be.

So yes, now I am in the lull between the summer-long taste of the real world and the slightly annoying transistion back to college. Enjoying the comforts of an attentive mom, my brothers, and the like. Seeing the beautiful miss hershey cat and smooch dog and all that. You know... the joys of being back with the parents. and all that.