"It works! I can't believe it! And they said IMITATION diamond wasn't good enough!" - Dr. Fred Edison, Day of the Tentacle

I left the Linux box last night with a new kernel itching to go, a second NIC with route statements in rc.local, and a Windoze box whining for an internet connection.

I woke up this morning with but one goal, but one thought on my mind: Masq.

Not only is the local LAN working now, with full all-out communication, but the IPMasq is also working! The network is set! Though it IS a bitch to try to make a computer connect in from the outside...

Now THIS is sweet. I can access any computer locally via it's own IP at full 100baseT. Sure beats the hell outta depending on @Home's upstream cap. Games seem to play fine, I can IRC, browse http, and all while cheating @Home out of IP addys! Now THAT'S worth something.