A nebula consists of clouds of interstellar dust particles and gases. These clouds are the birthplace of new stars.

Gravity causes some of the nebular matter to join together in clumps. Heat and energy build up over millions of years until eventually enough of the hydrogen atoms fuse together to make the clump luminous. Once that happens, that part of the nebula has become a star.

There are three major types of nebulae, and a few sub-types:

  1. Diffuse (the most common type of nebula)
    1. Emission
    2. Reflection
    3. Dark
  2. Planetary
  3. Bright or Supernova remnant

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Mix. Do not operate motorized vehicles or heavy machinery.

Neb"u*la (?), n.; pl. Nebulae (#). [L., mist, cloud; akin to Gr. , , cloud, mist, G. nebel mist, OHG. nebul, D. nevel, Skr. nabhas cloud, mist. Cf. Nebule.]

1. Astron.

A faint, cloudlike, self-luminous mass of matter situated beyond the solar system among the stars. True nebulae are gaseous; but very distant star clusters often appear like them in the telescope.

<-- also applied now to galaxies -->

2. Med. (a)

A white spot or a slight opacity of the cornea.


A cloudy appearance in the urine.



© Webster 1913.

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