The Capcom Play System (CPS-2), was a powerful pice of hardware developed in 1993 by Capcom. It was the hardware that games like; 1944: The Loop Master, Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Pocket Fighter, Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) 1-3, Super Street Fighter *, The Vampire (Hunter) / DarkStalkers series, X-men: Children of the Atom, X-Men VS Street Fighter, etc. were based off of.
Main Processor: Custom 68000 at 16 Mhz
Address Bus: 24 bit
Data Bus: 16 bit

Sound Processor: Zilog Z80 at 6 Mhz

Sound Channels: 16 Stereo Channels
Sound Format: ADPCM QSound

Color Palette: 32 bit (Millions)
Total On Screen Colors: 4096
Colors per tile: 16 (4 bits per pixel)
Object Number: 900 (16 x 16 pixels)
Scroll Faces: 3
Resolution: 384 x 224*

Maximum Capacity: 322 Megabits

It should be noted that the CPS-2 system had complex-encryption methods used which were initially used to prevent cartridges from being easily reproduced and pirated, however an off set to the complex encryption\decryption scheme has caused great trouble with emulating the games through emulators such as MAME. Also a method known as "CPS-2 Suicide" was implemented where by if the machine is unassembled the connection to the lithium battery would most certainly be lost causing the decryption keys to be lost from the S-RAM located inside one of the onboard custom chips, thus making the board a paperweight. The bad (and perhaps unintentional) side effect is that eventually over time the board would just die anyway, meaning even if you were using it legally you could not play it after a finite amount of time (unless you paid Capcom a fee to replace it that is...).

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* = This is what every source refers to as the resoluition, but it seems to me from observation alone that there may be more then one resoluition (compare the virticle based shooters to the de facto fighters and you might see my point). U: A little birdy informed me the monotor was just fliped upside down - that could explain it.

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