The 68000-series microprocessors were used in the Macintosh (before the PPC), Amiga, Atari, and other computers, and some video game console systems. The 68000 series micropprocessors were very advanced for their time, and are still considered an acceptable solution for embedded systems and application-specific computers.

As well as the computers above, the SEGA Genesis, SEGA Saturn, SNK Neo Geo, Atari Jaguar and Amiga CD32 home videogame console systems, and the Texas Instruments TI 89 and TI 92 calculators, used motorola 68k series processors for some or most of their processing.

A processor created by Motorola... originally intended for use in household appliances :oP). Also known as M68000, MC68000 or 68k.

The core is now used in Motorola's Dragonball and ColdFire chips.

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