An 8-voice polyphonic digital/analog sample player. Released in 1986.

The DPX1 is a 2-space rackmount module capable of playing back 12-bit digital audio samples at various sampling rates. It doesn't feature any sampling capabilties, but supports the file formats of several commercial samplers including the E-Mu Emulator II, Akai S900 and the Prophet 200x series from Sequential. The DPX1 recognizes the processing done to the sound on the original sampler, and reproduces them more or less accurately.
Samples are loaded in from built-in 3.5 and 5ΒΌ inch floppy drives or via MIDI sample dump. The initial version of DPX1 features 1MB of RAM to store the samples, with a later model released in 1988 offering a 20MB hard disk. A CD-ROM interface was also made available as an option.

The unit contains a Motorola 68000 processor used for example to convert the source samples to DPX's format. An analog VCF and an LFO are also included for emulating the changes made to the sounds with the samplers. Unfortunately, the only editing feature available is adjusting the filter cut-off, and this can only be done properly from ROM version 2.0 upwards.
Typical MIDI in/out/thru connections are included, and the DPX1 is multi-timbral in four parts. The aforementioned CD-ROM upgrade also adds monophonic audio outputs for each of the 8 voices.

19" (w) x 14" (d) x 3.7" (h)

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