An 8-voice digital rackmount sampler.
Approximately 15000 units produced between 1986 and 1988.

The S900 is a 12-bit sampler with variable sampling rate adjustable between 7.5-40KHz. Unfortunately there's only 750kB of RAM, providing a whopping 11.75 seconds of sampling time using the maximum frequency. No memory upgrades were made available, and no hard disk connectivity is featured. However, there is a floppy drive capable of storing 32 samples per disk along with editing parameters.

Editing features on the S900 include tuning, looping, filtering, velocity switching plus ADSR envelope and LFO effects. Later software versions add more functions, such as crossfade looping and improved filters . The user interface is said to be very easy to use, which most likely contributed on the unit's popularity along with its low price tag.
All 8 voices offer individual audio outputs, and a footswitch plug is also included. MIDI in/out/thru jacks are available for external control.

48.3(w) x 42.9 (d) x 13.3cm (h)

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