A 32-voice rackmount digital sampler released in the mid-90s.

The S2800 is quite similar to the S2000. It offers 16-bit stereo sampling at 44.1kHz frequency, with 2MB of RAM and a 3.5" floppy drive. There are plenty of editing parameters like looping and 2000% timestretch, along with digital processing consisting of a resonant 12dB/octave low-pass filter, two LFOs and two envelope generators.

There are differences to the S2000 model, the biggest improvement being 50 onboard effects presets grouped into echo, chorus, pitch shift and delay. The larger 40x8 character LCD helps in using the unit without a software editor.
The S2800 doesn't come equipped with an SCSI interface, individual audio outputs or digital I/O. However, all of these can be added using different expansion boards. The memory is upgradeable with standard SIMMs, but only to 16MB. It is reportedly possible to modify the unit to accept 32 megs.

48.3 (w) x 42.9 (d) x 8.8 (h) cm
7.7 kg

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