A 32-voice digital rackmount sampler released in 1995.

The S2000 features 8- and 16-bit mono/stereo sampling with 22.1-44.1kHz frequency. For storaging your samples, the basic version comes equipped with 2MB of RAM, a 3.5" floppy drive plus an SCSI interface, unfortunately with only one connector. The sampler can hold a maximum of 255 samples and 254 programs.

Plenty of editing parameters are available, including tuning, looping, timestretch and velocity effects. The unit also includes digital processing with two LFOs (sawtooth/triangle/square/random waveforms), two envelope generators and a resonant 12dB/octave low-pass filter. Editing is said to be somewhat slow with the sampler's small 16x2 LCD, but this is helped by external software editors for PC and Mac.

The sampler to 16 MIDI channels, features in/out/thru jacks and has an onboard MIDI file player. Unlike on the older S1000 model, there are only two audio outs and two ins.

The S2000 can be expanded into a whole new machine. The memory can be upgraded to 32MB on standard SIMMs, with 16MB more samples on a ROM card. 4 effects processors come with the EB16 card. 8 audio outputs and digital I/O can also be added with different expansions. Even a filter upgrade board was made available.

48.3 (w) x 42.9 (d) x 8.8 (h) cm
7.7 kg

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