A 32-voice digital rackmount sampler released in 1996.

Like its little brothers of the S2K series, S3000 features 16-bit stereo sampling with a variable sampling fequency between 22.05 and 44.1kHz, storing 256 different samples and programs. The large number of editing possibilities (including timestretch) are aided by a large backlit 40x8 LCD.

The basic version comes with 8MB* of sample RAM, which is upgradeable all the way up to 32MB. Unfortunately this is only possible by using expensive expansion boards instead of standard SIMMs. For additional storage the unit only offers a 3.5" floppy drive, but an internal 105MB hard disk was available as an option. There are also upgrade boards for a SCSI interface (IB-301S), AES/EBU digital i/o (IB-302D) and an SMPTE reader/generator (IB-303T).

A resonant digital 2-pole low-pass filter is included, and is based on the same chip found on the 2000-line units. 2 envelope generators are included on the amplifier. The S3000 also features 50 different onboard effects, including the typical delay, reverb and chorus FX. Only one effect can be used at a time, though.
In addition to the usual stereo outs, there are 8 assignable audio outputs. MIDI support is naturally included, with the usual in/out/thru jacks and simultaneous sending on 16 channels.

48.3 (w) x 42.9 (d) x 13.3 (h) cm
9.7 kg

Some sources claim the cheapest version offered 2MB. If anyone has any solid first hand information on this, /msg me!

Information gathered from all over the web. Not a cut'n'paste writeup.
Many of the specs came from http://www.cs.ruu.nl/legacy/jules/Akai/S3000/info.html, so blame them. :)

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