The CDC 7600 was an early supercomputer produced by the Control Data Corporation. The first one was completed in Jan 1969, while it was not delivered until May 1971. Pricing on these computers ranged from a cost of $9M-$15M.

The CDC 7600 featured a blazingly fast clock speed of 27 nanoseconds, (which was 5 times the speed of the CDC 6600 that it replaced). This computer had a core memory of 65,536 50-bit words.

The 7600 ran a functionally indentical operating system to its predecessor the 6600, (even though the architectures were very different). SCD had specifically designed their OS to be an uniform environment among all their machines. Most users were able to move up to the 7600 with no additional training. Both machines also supported the FORTRAN 70 compiler.

The one true downfall of the CDC 7600 was the fact that it was unstable, very unstable. SCD worked on this problem for years. But everyone was tired of the machine by the time they implemented proper recovery features.

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