Yukon Gold is a slot machine produced by WMS Gaming, (the gambling branch of Williams the arcade game manufacturer). This is an electronic slot machine, with a monitor instead of actual reels. The theme of this particluar machine is that of the Gold Rush of 1849. This is a nine line machine with a total of 5 reels, and different versions will accept anywhere from 1 to 90 coins. This machine is usually takes 5 cent tokens, but some casinos have 25 cent and 1 dollar versions of this machine.

The symbols in this game are all related to gold and mining. The bonus game brings you to a map where you can choose a mining location and receive a bonus of up to 2000X your line bet.

This game, (like many electronic slot machines), gives most of it's payout through the bonus game. You will find that your money quickly vanishes if you do not manage to hit the bonus round from time to time. These particular machines are very popular among the elderly and you will rarely see one unattended in a crowded casino.

From the WMS Gaming website
Travel back to the 1849 gold rush where you'll strike it rich with our latest 5-reel, 9-line video slot Yukon Gold. By removing matching tiles, players "unearth" the mining map which will lead them to the "loot". The more tiles the player matches, the more places they have to mine for the gold on the revealed mining map. Upon matching all the tiles, the player can then mine at five different places, while large bonus amounts and wild cards add to the gaming excitement. Great game play combined with a cast of humorous characters, chuckwagon graphics, and saloon style music all play a role in bringing the old west back as only WMS Gaming can.

A type of potato that was first bred in Canada and is, as far as I know, only grown in North America. One source tells me that this was the first successful North American yellow-fleshed potato ever produced. Agriculture Canada and the University of Guelph licensed Yukon golds in 1980 and released them to the market in 1981.

The skin of this tuber is thin and yellow with distinctive pink eyes; many potato cultivation sites refer to Yukon golds as having an attractive oblong shape. The flesh of the Yukon gold is yellow in colour with a slightly mealy texture, and will not discolour if exposed to air. These all-purpose potatoes make good baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, and potato chips.

In fact, in their adaptability and amiable middle of the road-ness, these strike me as very Canadian potatoes, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. (I'm Canadian; like many of my countrypersons, I appreciate these qualities in produce and people.) Besides their adaptability in the kitchen, they produce their fruits in mid-season, before frost threatens. The medium-tall plants produce a medium bounty of tubers that aren't too deep in the ground, making them relatively easy to harvest. The plants are of medium strength, being resistant to some common problems such as leaf roll, and susceptible to others such as hollow heart (a disconcerting star-shaped hole in the middle of your potato). An all-round pleasant potato.


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