One of 3 territories in Canada, comprising 483,450 square kilometres. It abuts Alaska on one side and the Northwest Territories on the other. Over half of the territory remains forested, and it is a haven for many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

The Yukon is situated on the Canadian Cordillera. High mountain ranges and a central plateau are drained by Canada's second-longest river, the Yukon. Mount Logan is the highest point in the Yukon and in Canada: elevation: 5,959 meters above sea level.

The Yukon is quite cold in winter. The region experienced an economic boom during the Klondike gold rush, although the impact on the region's first nations was quite negative. The capital city of Whitehorse contains about 23,638 of the 31,609 people (as of June 2006) who live in the Yukon. Next biggest is the former territory capital Dawson City with 1,781 souls.

Yukon territory is foverned by the 18 seat Yukon Legislative Assembly. The floral emblem is the fireweed, which appears on the official flag. The official gemstone is lazulite, and the official bird is the raven.

For further information, contact:

The Yukon Government
Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 2C6

The food in Whitehorse, like an other city in the world, varies. One of the most popular places to eat in town is Boston Pizza, a chain restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta. More upscale than Pizza Hut and cheaper than any French restaurant, with better decor than your average hovel. Actually, Whitehorse's Boston Pizza is one of the largest in Canada. Weird. If you're looking for fast, easy, recognizable food in Whitehorse, there's a McDonald's, a Tim Horton's, a Pizza Hut, an A&W and a KFC. There's also a slew of Chinese restaurants. But I hate Chinese food, so I won't talk about them. The two best restaurants in town are (almost definitely) Sam N' Andy's, an excellent Mexican restaurant with really good food, really good prices, and they never ID people for alcohol. And you get to wear sombreros if you feel so inclined to make a fool of yourself. The other is Giorgio's, which, as I'm sure you can guess, an Italian restaurant run by a Greek who, according to an ex-girlfriend, smelled badly of garlic. Moderately confusing. Where was I? Oh, yes, food. The Alpine Bakery makes really good bread. Really, really good bread. Really,, get the point? There's the No Pop Shop, which is a semi-snooty luncheon place that doesn't serve pop or alchohol and does serve a lot of oddly named sandwhiches. They also don't like children. The Java Connection and the Blackstone are two competing coffee places that are across an intersection from one another. I prefer the Java Connection, but it's really just a matter of taste. Also, all the hotels have restaurants, but they're pretty standard. The Westmark Whitehorse Hotel Restaurant is a fairly popular youth hangout.

Booze. Alcohol. Call it what you will, everyone who isn't an ascetic loves it, and Whitehorse has the highest number of bars per capita in Canada, and probably one of the highest in North America. Except Vegas. Nowhere has more bars than Vegas. There's Lizard's, which is a moderately classy bar. Fun on a Friday night. There's the Capital. Also fun, put it can get a little rowdy. For example, somewhere during 1999/2000, there was a big fight between several off-duty cops and some drug dealers. A man had his nose bitten off during the fight. I believe it was the bouncer. Actually, come to think of it, those are about the only two distinctive bars in Whitehorse.

Anyway, there's some info on the important things in Whitehorse. Enjoy.

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