The wemic is a fantasy monster that is similar to a centaur. Except that a wemic is half man, half lion (instead of half man, half horse like a centaur). Wemics look like a human torso attached to the body of a lion (where the head would be), so they have 4 lion legs, and 2 human arms. Male wemics almost always have very long thick shaggy black hair, while female wemics tend to have shorter lighter colored hair. The wemics face is certainly human, but it has a certain feline appearance to it, especially in their cat-like eyes.

Wemic culture is similar to that of the nomadic hunting tribes that populated portions of Africa during the early middle ages. They have their own langauge, but can often speak one or more local human languages as well. Their technology however is stuck in the stone age, they can make simple pottery, weapons, and garments, but little else. Many wemics will hire out as a mercenary for a while during their younger years, in order to gain the money to buy higher quality human or dwarven weapons.

A wemic fights as both a human and a lion at the same time, attacking with his forelegs, and with his weapons at the same time (often pouncing on human sized enemies the way a cat will pounce on a small creature). But the average person need not fear wemic attacks, as they are not an evil creature in general. They usually ignore people unless they venture into the wemic's territory without a good excuse (but traders are usually welcome).

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