Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: CBS Games
Model Number: 80070
Rarity: 4 Scarce+
Year of Release: 1983
Programmer: Dick Balaska

Terrible 3-D maze game for the Atari 2600. The object is to find the key, and then escape to the end of the level. While avoiding the Pac-Man style ghosts that wander the maze. This game could have been so much better, it even has extra RAM on the cartridge for its special effects. But it matters little. London Blitz managed to do smooth 3-D graphics on the 2600 without any add-ons at all. This game fails even with extra RAM. This game also suffers from a bug. It locks the Atari up upon loading level #127 (instead of going to the "The End" screen that was programmed into the game).

From the manual

Get a move on, TUNNEL RUNNER. Those monstrous Maze Zots have picked up your scent and there's only one item on their menu --- you! You've been running up and down tunnels like a rat for so long, you're starting to develop a taste for cheese. Oh sure, you can get out . . . you just haven't been able to find the Key to the right Escape Door, that's all. Wait! There it is! Quickly --- pick it up and start making tracks for that door! You can hear one of those Zots hot on your heels! No time to check the map --- this better be the right way! There's a door up ahead. You did it! You're free!

Collectors Information

This is the most difficult game to find out of the whole CBS Games library. The box and manual are quite difficult to come by also.

This game is valued at around $8 USD (price current as of September 2001). As always, games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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