A 6-voice polyphonic digital keyboard sampler. Released in 1987, with a $1297 asking price in the U.S.

The X7000's features are similar to those of the S900 rackmount sampler. The unit offers 12-bit sampling with sampling rate adjustable between 4-40kHz. Simple editing functions like looping and multi-sampling are available, along with a digital low-pass filter with cut-off control plus a simple LFO. The machine can be plugged to Akai's AX/VX series synthesizers for more effects.

A maximum of 6 separate samples can be stored in the X7000's tiny 128K RAM, with 8 seconds total sampling time using the maximum frequency. There is also a built-in 2.8" Quick Disk drive. The 61-note keyboard is velocity sensitive and can be split in 6 parts for 6-part multi-timbrality via MIDI.
A PCB expansion was made available, for upgrading the sample memory as well as boosting the multi-sampling to 16.

104 (w) x 34.6 (d) x 11 (h) cm
14 kg

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