A 4-part multi-timbral sampler with an 8-voice polyphony and a 49-note keyboard. Released in 1986.

The S-10 is basicially a cheap consumer-level version of the Roland S-50. Only 256k of RAM is available, with a total sampling time of 4.4 seconds using the highest possible quality (12-bit, 30KHz, mono). This means only 1.1 seconds per each sample bank, which can be split and layered over the pressure and aftertouch sensitive keyboard.

Sample editing parameters include trimming, looping, reverse, tuning, envelope editing, filtering. Both low- and high-pass VCFs are available. There is also an auto-loop function, which is regarded as being one of S-10's best features.
Delay and detune effects are included, and the latter can be used for phaser sounds.

Saving your samples and accessing commercial sound libraries is done via a 2.8" Quick Disk interface. Unfortunately this format is completely dead nowadays. MIDI implementation is included for external control.

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