A 6-voice digital drum machine.
Manufactured from 1982 to the mid-80s.

The DX is a slimmed-down successor of the DMX, and the two units are very similar to eachother.
The DX only features 18 sounds (instead of the 24 on its big brother), and only offers 6-sound polyphony instead of 8. The analog CEM filters found on the previous model are also missing.
On the plus side, the DX offers tuning controls for each sound, and external trigger input. Sequence memory, programming functions and the user interface are identical to the DMX.

Later on Oberheim released the MIDI DX with much-anticipated MIDI implementation. The Stretch expansion was also made available, to upgrade the original DX.
It should be noted that although closely resembling the DMX model, the DX has a completely different motherboard and circuitry.

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