A polyphonic analog/digital synthesizer with a 49-note keyboard. Manufactured between the early and mid-80s.

The OB-SX is a slimmed-down low budget version of the OB-Xa. Both 4- and 6-voice configurations of the synth exist.

The unit's analog sound generation circuitry is more or less identical to its big brother. There are two detuneable VCOs per voice, a resonant 4-pole VCF, ADSR envelope generators on both the filter and the VCA, plus an LFO with rate control. Other features include chord memory, auto-tuning, unison mode, CV/gate and Oberheim computer interface.
True to its entry level nature, the OB-SX replaces its predecessors programmability with 24 editable preset sounds in its internal memory. 24 extra instruments were sold separately.

The synth uses CEM chips 3340 (VCO), 3320 (VCF), 3310 (EG) and 3360 (VCA).

34.5" (w) x 20.25" (d) x 4.5" (h)
35 lbs

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