A 4-pole voltage controlled filter from Curtis ElectroMusic Specialities.

from the original data sheet

  • low cost
  • voltage controllable frequency: 12 octave range minimum
  • voltage controllable resonance: from zero to oscillation
  • accurate exponential frequency scale
  • accurate linear frequency scale
  • low control voltage feedthrough: -45dB typical
  • filter configurable into low-pass, high-pass, all-pass, etc.
  • large output: 12V,P,P. typical
  • low noise: -86dB typical
  • low distortion in passband: 0.1% typical
  • long warm up drift
  • configurable into low distortion voltage controlled sine wave oscillator
  • ±15 volt supplies

    Synthesizers using the chip:
    with the amount used

    CMI Fairlight II (earlier versions)  8
    Crumar Trilogy                       6
    Elka Synthex                         8
    Linndrum                             2
    Oberheim OB-8                        16
    Oberheim OB-SX                       ?
    Oberheim OB-Xa                       ?
    PAiA Proteus                         1
    PPG Wave 2.0                         4
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev.3  5
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-10       10
    Sequential Circuits Pro-One          1
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