A truly monstrous (both for its size and sound) vintage analog synthesizer. Essentially two Prophet-5:s stacked together to form a 10-voice polyphonic synthesizer with two oscillators per voice.

There are three different revisions of the Prophet-10.

Version 1

Released in 1978, the first version was simply a 10-voice Prophet-5. The added hardware caused serious overheating problems for the unit, since the original P5 case couldn't handle the heat created by the large number of chips.

Most of the units vere recalled and transformed into normal P5:s by removing the extra voice hardware.

Version 2

The second attempt in 1979 came with a larger chassis to defeat the heating problems. It also featured a two-row 122-key keyboard.

The SSM chips used in the Prophet-5s sounded good but were considered too unstable. After three prototypes of the second P10 version were built, Sequential Circuits started using CEM chips from Curtis ElectroMusic Specialities: CEM 3340 as the VCO and CEM 3320 as the VCF.
Although the Curtis hardware was more stable, its sound was supposedly inferior to the previous manufacturer. This makes the three SSM prototypes the most sought after pieces of SC equipment out there.

Version 3

The final Prophet-10 model was released in 1980. The architechture is quite similar to the 3rd revision of Prophet-5 with two VCO:s per voice and 32 user programmable patches.

The two 61-key keyboards can be configured to the following modes: An optional 6-track sequencer could also be purchased.
Only a CV/Gate interface is featured, but MIDI retrofit kits are available and recommended.

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