A polyphonic analog orchestral synthesizer with a 49-note keyboard. Released in 1981.

The Trilogy consists of three sections: synth, strings and organ. They can be layered and feature individual outputs.

The synthesizer section offers 2 VCOs with an adjustable combination of sawtooth and square waveforms. There is also a special mode for switching between saw/square at key press/release. The oscillators can be synced, but because both of them share the same waveshape it is practically useless.
A resonant 4-pole (24dB/octave) VCF is available, with controls for cut-off, resonance, envelope amount and single/multiple envelope triggering. There is also an LFO with triangle and square waveforms plus controls for rate, depth and a simple ramp generator. It is routable to the VCOs, VCF or the VCA. An ADSR envelope generator is featured on the amplifier.

The string and organ sections are very simple, with only a few editable parameters. The sring part offers a simple AR EG, and the organ has a selectable 4 octave (2'-16') range.
Internal memory is included, with 7 preset sounds but no user programmable patches.

Chips used
6 x CEM 3310 (EG)
6 x CEM 3320 (VCF)
6 x CEM 3330 (VCA)
1 x SSM 2020 (VCA)

96.6(W) x 48(D) x 19(H) cm

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