A line of chips from Solid State Micro Technology for Music, Inc. Used in sound generation applications, especially analog synthesizers. The predecessor to Curtis' CEM line.

SSM 2000  Dual Linear-Antilog VCA
SSM 2010  VCA
SSM 2012  VCA
SSM 2013  VCA
SSM 2014  Voltage Controlled Element 
SSM 2015  Microphone Preamplifier 
SSM 2020  Dual VCA
SSM 2024  Quad Current Controlled Amplifier 
SSM 2030  VCO
SSM 2031  High Frequency Oscillator / Voltage to Frequency Converter
SSM 2033  VCO
SSM 2036  VCO
SSM 2038  VCO
SSM 2040  VCF
SSM 2044  4-Pole VCF 
SSM 2045  Music Voicing System 
SSM 2046  4-Pole VCF
SSM 2047  Music Voicing System
SSM 2050  Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2055  Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2056  Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2060  Digitally Controlled Voice
SSM 2100  Monolithic Log/Antilog Amplifier
SSM 2120/ Dynamic Range Processor / Dual VCA 
SSM 2122
SSM 2300  8-Channel Multiplexed Sample/Hold

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