A Voltage Controlled Filter from Solid State Micro Technology for Music, Inc.

from a SSM short form catalog

The SSM 2040 is an extremely flexible building block circuit which can be used in virtually any active filter design including low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and notch. The four-section device's cutoff frequency can be exponentially voltage controlled over a 10 000 to 1 range. Roll-off characteristics can be selected to be Butterworth, Bessel, Chevyshev, Cauer or any other filter type.
Applications include tracking filters, electronic organs, synthesizers, phase shifters, sound effects generators and audio instrumentation equipment.

Synthesizers using the chip:
with the amount used

RSF Kobol Expander I                    1
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 1&2   5
Steiner EVI                             ?

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