An 8 Channel Multiplexed Sample/Hold from Solid State Micro Technology for Music, Inc.

from a SSM short form catalog

  • high accuracy (8 bits absolute, 12 bits linearity)
  • low droop rate (
  • internal high Z hold points
  • output buffers stable for CL
  • 1µS acquisition time
  • 2µS settling time


    The SSM 2300 is an eight channel CMOS multiplexed sample/hold IC designed for data distribution in microprocessor controlled systems. The device can be easily retrofitted into an existing 4051 socket used for this application replacing it and its external discretes with the advantage that the high impedance hold points are internal to the IC, eliminating manufacturing and reliability problems.
    With a 15 volt supply, a channel can acquire an 8 bit input signal to 1/2 LSB in less than one microsecond allowing over 16 full band audio signals to be simultaneously demultiplexed from a single DAC. Near D.C., almost any number of 2300s can be paralleled for process control applications.
    The output swing includes the negative supply and the chip can operate off single or dual supplies from 5 to 18 volts total. The control inputs are both TTL and CMOS compatible over most of the full supply range.

    Synthesizers using the chip:
    with the amount used

    Ensoniq SQ-80   4

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