A "Voltage Controlled Element" from Solid State Micro Technology for Music, Inc.

From the original data sheet:
The SSM 2014 is a generalized VCA building block which will substitute for any VCA circuit presently available, in addition to possessing powerful features not available using any other device.

(used as a standard VCA)

  • 116dB dynamic range (Class AB)
  • 12MHz effective gain bandwidth product
  • low cost
  • 100dB open loop gain
  • minimum external component count
  • no trimming required in many applications
  • 0.01% Class A THD (any gain or 8signal], +10dBV in/out)
  • Class A or AB operation

    Unique Features:

  • replaces any VCA in any application
  • combines all features of Op Amps and VCAs
  • acts as a voltage controlled potentiometer
  • complementary outputs
  • acts as a voltage controlled preamp
  • has high and low (balanced) impedance inputs
  • fully buffered control port
  • voltage selectable Class A or AB operation

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