An album by b(if)tek released in 2000. The singles are Machines work, We think you're dishy, and Wired for sound. These are also the only three tracks on the album with vocals in them, which speaks volumes to me about today's pop culture. This album has been described as "retro futuristic", which is one of those phrases invented by music journalists to make them sound interesting (so not all that helpful). Overall, I'd say it sounds a bit like Kraftwerk, but more mellow.

Track listing:
  1. Machines Work
  2. We Think You're Dishy
  3. Wired for Sound
  4. Japanese Game Show
  5. Sound and Space
  6. Bedrock
  7. Doctors and Nurses
  8. Ultimate
  9. Luxury
  10. Modern Women
  11. Suzanne
  12. 8:08 to Berlin
  13. Electroencephelagram
  14. Sound of the B(if)tek Studios

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