An old Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon that originally aired in 1972. It was about a group of scientists working on research underwater in their high tech laboratory. Not only were these people brilliant scientists but they were also experts in the life saving department. If a boat sank, these guys would save the people and the boat. The real premise of the show was to teach children about how to save the environment. If this writeup has made you really want to watch the show, don't sweat it, Sealab has not died yet. There is now an upgraded version called Sealab 2021. This is a hysterical parody of Sealab 2020. It uses the not so great animation from the original Sealab and turns it into a random circus of nothingness. I mean there has never been more of nothing in a television show ever. Even more of nothing than there is in Seinfeld. The show airs on Sundays and Thursdays on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim program at 10:15 CST. Don't f'in blink though because it's only 15 minutes.

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