Brak's neighbor from down the street on The Brak Show. Thundercleese is an eight-foot-tall war robot who lives in a black fortress in Brak's suburban neighborhood.

As you'd expect from Warren Street, Thundercleese talks like an eight-foot-tall war robot and acts more like another suburban resident. Besides blowing up Zorak repeatedly for pissing him off. Thundercleese's one joy in life was his pet fish, Mr. Tickles, until the day Brak accidentally hammed him to death.

NOTE: I've had a couple people suggest that mayhaps I spelt his name wrong, suggesting it's supposed to be "Thunderclese". I thought this, too, however, on the Adult Swim website (, his name is spelt as "Thundercleese"... and since that's supposed to be the official site, I'm going by that.

Mr. Thundercleese's other woes include the loss of his favorite stuffed toy, "Chopper." As he explains to Brak, Chopper was taken from him by a group of dirty gypsies.

After Zorak steals and throws away Brak's stuffed animal (a lobster named Hippo), Brak's mother gives him a new toy called "Dr.Grumbles", who is in fact Mr.Thundercleese's lost companion Chopper.

Being a terrible meanie, Zorak steals Dr.Grumbles from Brak-but not before Dr.Grumbles speaks to him telepathically, saying "You don't mess with the Doctor" in a ridiculous French accent. Mr.Thundercleese sees Zorak and commands him to return Chopper/Dr.Grumbles, but Zorak refuses.

Thundercleese hesitates to attack, afraid that he will hurt Dr.Grumbles, but relents when his Chopper cries "Take ze shot!" and proceeds to eradicate Zorak with a barrage of lasers and missiles. The episode ends with Zorak running from Thundercleese's missiles and Brak's family laughing at his predicament.

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