Mr. Thundercleese's other woes include the loss of his favorite stuffed toy, "Chopper." As he explains to Brak, Chopper was taken from him by a group of dirty gypsies.

After Zorak steals and throws away Brak's stuffed animal (a lobster named Hippo), Brak's mother gives him a new toy called "Dr.Grumbles", who is in fact Mr.Thundercleese's lost companion Chopper.

Being a terrible meanie, Zorak steals Dr.Grumbles from Brak-but not before Dr.Grumbles speaks to him telepathically, saying "You don't mess with the Doctor" in a ridiculous French accent. Mr.Thundercleese sees Zorak and commands him to return Chopper/Dr.Grumbles, but Zorak refuses.

Thundercleese hesitates to attack, afraid that he will hurt Dr.Grumbles, but relents when his Chopper cries "Take ze shot!" and proceeds to eradicate Zorak with a barrage of lasers and missiles. The episode ends with Zorak running from Thundercleese's missiles and Brak's family laughing at his predicament.