An 8-voice polyphonic analog orchestral synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard. Produced between 1982 and 1985.

Three sections are featured on the Trident: programmable synth with 32 memory locations, bass and strings. Each section has its own volume controls and can be split and layered on the keyboard.

The synthesizer section features 2 VCOs per voice. Available waveforms for VCO1 are sawtooth, square and pulse, while VCO2 offers only sawtooth.
The filter is a 24dB/octave self-oscillating low-pass VCF with controls for cutoff, resonance, env intensity and key follow. It has its own sine-only LFO hard wired to pulse width modulation with controls for speed and depth.
Two ADSR envelope generators - one for the VCF and other for the VCA - are also included.

The string section has one VCO and a non-resonant low-pass VCF. An AR enveope generator is included, as well as an ensemble effect. There are controls for "bowing" (simulating bow's impact to strings), variable attack and EQ.

There is also one VCO and a single VCF in the brass section, but with an ADSR EG with variable attack control.

The LFO is switcable between sine and square waveforms, and has controls for speed, depth and delay. A self-oscillating flanger effect is also available, with speed, depth, manual, and feedback controls. The Trident also features a tape interface for saving sounds. Unfortunately the instrument can't be controlled via MIDI nor CV/Gate without modifications.

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