A dual voltage controlled amplifier from Curtis ElectroMusic Specialities.

from the original data sheet

  • low cost
  • two independent voltage controlled amplifiers in a single package
  • simultaneous linear and exponential control inputs
  • wide control range: 120dB min.
  • very accurate control scales for excellent gain tracking
  • exceptionally low control voltage feedthrough: -60dB minimum without trim, better than -80dB with trim
  • low distortion: less than 0.1%
  • exceptionally low [noise: better than -100dB
  • Class B to Class A operation
  • summing signal and linear control inputs
  • current outputs for ease of use in 2-pole voltage controlled filters
  • can be used in VCO and VCF control paths without causing shift
  • ±15 volt supplies

    Synthesizers using the chip:
    with the amount used

    Crumar Trilogy  6
    PAiA Proteus    1
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