A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 32-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1980 and 1982.

The SH-09 offers a single VCO with a 5 octave range (2'-32') and a ±65 cent tuning range. It is switchable between sawtooth, square and pulse (with PWM) waveforms, along with a white noise source. A square/pulse sub-oscillator is also available.

As a filter there is a self-oscillating low-pass VCF which can modulate an external source through the envelope follower. There are controls for cutoff, resonance, envelope polarity, envelope control and MOD control.

The LFO offers sine, square and random waveforms, as well as controls for rate and delay. There is also a sample/hold section and a CV/gate interface for external triggering.

The SH-09 has often been compared to the SH-101, but due to the 09's discreet circuitry and the 101 using the CEM 3440 chip, the two units sound very different from eachother.

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