A "general purpose signal processing device for audio tone sources" from Curtis ElectroMusic. Used as the VCF and VCA in many popular analog synthesizers.

(from the original data sheet)

  • several components on one chip:
  • low external parts count
  • 0 to +5V, high Z control inputs for direct interface to system DAC from CMOS multiplexer
  • VCF using open loop design for enhanced sound richness
  • VCF has constant loudness as resonance changes
  • TC compensated VCF
  • low level, non-inverting VCF frequency control input for easy mixing of control sources
  • Final VCA has low feedthrough without trimming

    Synthesizers using the chip:
    with the amount used

    Akai AX80                        8
    Akai VX600                       6
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-600  6
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-T8   8
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