A 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard. A descendant of the legendary Prophet-5, and the first synth to implement MIDI. It was in production from 1982 to 1985, but still remains popular among the electronic music producers due to its rich sound and relatively cheap price (compared to other famous vintage synths).

The P600 features two CEM 3340 VCO:s by per voice. Available (independent) waveforms are sawtooth, triangle and pulse. VCO1 can be synced to VCO2.
A pair of CEM 3372 chips contain two VCF:s and VCA:s for each voice. The VCF is a resonant 24dB/octave filter with its own ADSR envelope generator. There's also a frequency knob, but it only allows control in steps, not seamlessly.
The LFO can modulate the oscillators, the VCF frequency and the pulse width.

A monophonic mode with chord memory is available. Other features include two one-track sequencers which have to be programmed real-time, and an up/down arpeggiator.

MIDI Parameter Codes:

Record + 1   program change on/off 
Record + 2   current program dump 
Record + 3   center pitch wheel 
Record + 4   wheel send/recieve on/off 
Record + 5   sequence dump 
Record + 6   Omni mode on 
Record + 7   voice defeat
Record + 8   Poly mode on 
Record + 9   channel +/- 

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