A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1973 and 1981.

The SH-2000 is a preset synth with no real programming possibilities. The unit offers a single VCO with sample/hold modulation. The resonant VCF (in units past serial number 578049) is said to sound very similar to the one in the famous TB-303.

Some limited control over the sounds is available. The VCF features sliders for cut-off, resonance, and modulation. Other controllable parameters include LFO modulation rate, portamento speed, transpose pitch (±5 semitones) and the sample/hold modulation. A switch for long/short release is what the machine offers for VCA envelope control.

Perhaps the most surprising feature on the SH-2000 is that the keyboard is velocity sensitive. It features a knob to adjust the sensitivity, as well as switches to select the modulation target.

In addition to the very limited sound editing, a major drawback of the synth is that there is no CV/gate interface. No third party modifications are being sold, and there are no reports on anybody successfully building one either.
Although the actual tone for the synth pop classic Popcorn is known to have been made with a Moog modular, the SH-2000 offers a nearly identical preset.

Preset sounds:
tuba            violin              xylophone
trombone        bass guitar         singing voice
french horn     hawaiian guitar     song whistle
trumpet         banjo               popcorn
saxophone       fuzz guitar I       space reed
bassoon         fuzz guitar II      planet
oboe            piano               frog man
flute           harpsichord         funny cat
clarinet        accordion           growl wow
cello           vibraphon           wind

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