A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 32-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1978 and 1981, very similar to the SH-101 in design and architechture.

The SH-1 offers a single VCO with a 5 octave (2'-32') range. It is switchable between sawtooth, square and pulse (with PWM) waveforms. Accompanying the VCO is a sub-oscillator, which is identical to the one in SH-7. A noise generator with white and pink noise is also included.
The mixer section features controls for all the aforementioned sound sources, plus external signal input. Other controls include portamento rate, fine tune and auto bend which makes the VCO slide to tune automatically with selected depth and rate.

As the filter there is a self-oscillating low-pass VCF with controls for cutoff and resonance. It can be modulated by EG1 (with normal/inverse polarity), the LFO, the keyboard or an external signal via the envelope follower. A high-pass VCF is also available.
The VCA features hold and is switchable between the 2 envelope generators. EG1 is an ADSR, controllable by a trigger input, the keyboard or the LFO. EG2 has a simple AR envelope, and is controlled by keyboard gate or LFO. Available waveforms for the LFO are sine, square and sample/hold ("random"), with typical controls for rate & delay.

Other features include a transpose switch, pitch bend and a CV/gate interface.

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