A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 44-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1976 and 1981.

The SH-5 is basicially a SH-7 with twice the major synth components, making thick sound and flexible modulation possible.

The 2 VCOs have a 5 octave range and are switchable between triangle, ramp, square and pulse waveforms, with a pink / white noise generator included. The oscillators can be modulated by the LFOs or the ADSR envelope generator.

There are also 2 filters. VCF1 is a resonant multimode (low-/hi-/band-pass) filter with controls for cutoff, resonance, keyboard tracking, envelope sensitivity and modulation. VCF2 is a band-pass filter with its own resonance control. Like with the other SH-line synths, an input for filtering external sounds is available.

The 2 LFOs have controls for delay and rate. Available waveforms for LFO1 are ramp and reverse ramp, while LFO2 features ramp, sine, square and sample/hold.
ADSR and AR EGs are included on the 2 VCAs. The envelopes can be triggered by sample/hold, LFO2 or an external trigger input.
Other features include a ring modulator, as well as a mixer section typical to the SH series. External control is possible via a CV/gate interface.

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