A small 2 1/2 octave monophonic analog synthesizer from Roland. It offers one CEM 3340 VCO with separate levels for sawtooth, square, pulse, pulse width modulation and suboscillator. It also features an ADSR envelope generator and an LFO, which can be set on triangle, square, random (sample-and-hold) and noise. A primitive sequencer and portamento are also included.

SH-101 was designed to be a strap-on synth, and a guitar neck -style modulation attachment was made available. The synth was also available in several cute colours, and it can even run on batteries.

In the recent years, the 101 has become a trendy piece of equipment among the techno crowd along with models like TB-303 and TR-909. It has a somewhat thin sound due to having only one VCO, but sliders and knobs never fail to make a vintage synth hot.

Production period:

Quantity produced:
50 000

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