Or... x0x refers collectively to a bunch of synths and drum machines made by Roland in the late-70s to the mid 80s. (roughly). It includes:

SH-101 - analog Monosynth, 32 key keyboard.

MC-202 - analog synthesizer/sequencer. 303 programming with 101 style synth controls.

TB-303 - monophonic bass synth. THE synth defining the acid/techno sound. Really just a stupid silver box, with a bad interface, some guys from detroit made it famous.

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TR-505 - Really basic and uninspiring digital sample-based drum machine. Has Midi

TR-606 - analog drum machine counterpart to the 303, they both have the same size and design, and were marketed as a pair. Sounds not as tweakable as the 808 or the 909. Uses "X0X" style grid-based sequencing.

TR-707 - digital sample based drum machine. Supports midi. Uses "X0X" style grid-based sequencing. Has individual outputs for each voice. Not known for it's great sounds. There was a variant called the 727, packed full of Latin sounds.

TR-808 - analog drum machine. No midi. "X0X" style grid-based sequencing. Fully tunable sound on each voice. This is THE drum machine that defines hip-hop, rap, and r&b. Think low riders with big stereos going buh-oooooooom. That's the 808's kick drum. Need I say more?

TR-909 - analog drum machine. Good MIDI support . "X0X" style grid-based sequencing. Fully tunable sounds on each voice. This is THE drum machine for house and techno. The 909's kick doesn't have the long, low, resonance of the 808, it's got a much punchier sound.

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