An 8-voice digital drum machine released in 1986.

The 505 features 16 sampled sounds with no editable parameters. 8 instruments can be played simultaneously, but there are no individual audio outputs for the channels. A third party modification with 8 outs was sold in the 80s.

Both real time and step programming are available on the sequencer, with quick and easy access between the two modes. 6-step adjustable volume/accent parameters are included along with a large LCD display.
The internal memory holds 48 preset and 48 user programmable patterns, in 6 songs with a limit of 423 measures. There is no SysEx dumping, but a tape interface is available for external storage.

Extensive MIDI support is included, with even the (non-velocity) pads transmitting MIDI-out. Each instrument can be set to its own channel and note number.

low / mid / high tom
low / high conga
open / closed hi-hat
crash / ride cymbal
rim shot
hand clap
low / high cow bell

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