A sequencer is a piece of hardware/software that allows the user to record a musical performance without an audio input source. The sequences are not recorded as audio, but rather as a series of instructions on events that will be played. The sequencer will then convey those instructions to a device with an audio output. Nowadays MIDI is the standard for this procedure.

...Let us not forget video sequencers, light sequencers (neon, incandescent, and EL wire). Not all MIDI, some are CV or DMX-512.

The second full-length studio album from Swedish EBM band Covenant, released in 1996. A first edition of the CD was only printed in 250 copies, because a mastering fault was found in Tabula Rasa. The second edition was identical to the first, except for the error of course.

In 1997 Sequencer was re-released, under the name Sequencer Beta, with a slightly different track listing as one track was added to the album.


Track listing:

1. Feedback
2. Stalker
3. Figurehead
4. Phoenix
5. Slowmotion
6. Tabula Rasa
7. Storm
8. Flux

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