An 8-voice digital drum machine released in 1987.

The TR-626 features 30 12-bit PCM samples as the instruments, with the ability to tune (±7 semitones) and mix them individually.

48 preset and 48 user programmable patterns can be stored in 6 songs, with a limit of 999 user events. Programming can be done in both real time and steps, with a big TR-707-style matrix display helping the progress. The sequencer is quite basic, but does feature 7 accent levels (as a parameter) and easy switcing between modes for quick erasing etc.

In addition to the normal stereo jack, there are 8 individual outputs for all the voices. MIDI support is available, as well as tape sync and start/stop pedal input. The memory restrictions can be helped by RAM cards (expanding the capacity to 92 patterns) or SysEx dump. The 626 can even run on 6 AA batteries.

kick 1-2
snare 1-3
rim shot
low tom 1-2
mid tom 1-2
high tom 1-2
closed/open hi-hat
low/high agago
low/high timbale
low/open/mute conga
hand clap
China cymbal
crash cymbal
cup cymbal
ride cymbal

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