An analog rhythm machine released by Roland in 1979. Also known as the CR-78 CompuRhythm.

The unit offers 34 preset rhythms (some accessible via bank switching) and 11 "variations" for fills and breaks. Controls for volume, tempo, accent, balance and fade-in/out are available.

Programming your own beats is also possible, 4 of which can be stored in the CR-78's memory. Unfortunately there is no quantization, and only 4 instruments can be used in a pattern. There is an ability to kill single instruments from the rhytym with 4 buttons.

On the back panel there are two outputs with different impedance plus trigger in/out jacks. Two pedal inputs are also available; the first allows the pedal to be used as the start/stop button, while the second is for programming.

Rhythms:                      Instruments:

Rock 1     A/B                Bass Drum
Rock 2     A/B                Snare Drum
Rock 3     A/B                Rim Shot
Rock 4     A/B                Hi-hat
Rock 5     A/B                Cymbal
Rock 6     A/B                Maracas
Disco 1    A/B                Claves
Disco 2    A/B                Cow Bell
Bossanova  A/B                High Bongo
Samba      A/B                Low Bongo
Mambo                         Low Conga
Chacha                        Metal Beat
Beguine                       Tambourine
Rhumba                        Guiro
Waltz      A/B
Shuffle    A/B
Slow Rock  A/B
Swing      A/B
Fox Trot

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