A 10-voice analog drum machine released in 1981.

The CR-8000 CompuRhythm was released right after the famous TR-808. The both machines feature the same sound engine for similar sounding instruments. Unfortunately they can't be edited on the CR-8000, although users have reported successfully adding their own decay and pitch modifications to the unit.

The sequencer offers 8 32-step user programmable patterns, 24 preset rhythms and 12 fills/intros (4 user). The beats are programmed by choosing the instrument and then entering the pattern step-by-step with 2 buttons (on/off).
Other controls include volume, tempo, accent and individual levels for the instruments.

There are pedal control inputs , a trigger output and DIN sync for synchronizing the unit with other machines. In addition to the non-editable sounds, the CR-8000 is severely limited for having only one mono audio output.

Preset Rhythms:            Instruments:

Waltz                      Kick
Swing 1-2                  Snare
Slow Rock                  Closed Hi-Hat
Tango                      Open Hi-Hat
Habanera                   High Tom
Enka                       Low  Tom
BD-4"                      Cymbal
Rock 1-6                   Cowbell
Disco                      High Conga
Fox Trot                   Mid  Conga
Samba 1-2                  Low  Conga
Merengue                   Claves
Mambo                      Rim Shot
Chacha                     Hand Clap
Bossa Nova

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