A disc-shaped percussion instrument made of bronze. Cymbals may be hammered either by hand or by machine. Most range in size from 6-22" and vary in thickness. The main types of cymbals are:

The three largest cymbal makers are:

Cym"bal (s?m"bal). n. [OE. cimbale, simbale, OF. cimbale, F. cymbale, L. cymbalum, fr. Gr. , fr. , , anything hollow, hollow vessel, basin, akin to Skr. kubha pot. Cf. Chime.]


A musical instrument used by the ancients. It is supposed to have been similar to the modern kettle drum, though perhaps smaller.


A musical instrument of brass, shaped like a circular dish or a flat plate, with a handle at the back; -- used in pairs to produce a sharp ringing sound by clashing them together.

In orchestras, one cymbal is commonly attached to the bass drum, and the other held in the drummer's left hand, while his right hand uses the drumstick.


A musical instrument used by gypsies and others, made of steel wire, in a triangular form, on which are movable rings.


© Webster 1913.

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