Many a day when my owner would watch me I would swim around in a tupperware. Occasionally this tupperware would contain blue rocks. The rocks are helpful to me somehow. The mechanisms behind this are unimportant. I cannot see outside the walls of the tupperware. Despondence is sanctity.

Hey, somebody put a castle in here. The water was changed at too low a frequency and I could not easily adjust to the change. He continually poured those shitty orange flakes into my bowl, but I said, "no no I will not eat those!" but then he kept pouring them. Hunger strikes are ineffective if your enemy doesn't know what you're striking against.

Occasionally I would swim to the other side of the tupperware. Hey, somebody put a castle in here! Despondence is sanctity. There used to be a hundred other fish in a big, bigger tupperware. I was one of the smaller ones and the other fish would pick on me. Their lives are unimportant and I have found a strange bliss where I am now.

I am wholely uninterested in eating those orange flakes. Don't you get it? I was a present from my owner's ex-girlfriend but not very well, occasionally I would find my fins rotting and myself on my side floating, a heavenly breeze from the vents. Down the toilet I went. He broke up with her soon after that.

Many a day I would find myself allayed among the mountains, a tire roped onto some aching tree. Summer is made of canals and tunnels arching through the water table, burrowed through the earth. I will find my way into any cave and choke on the bits of calcium. My dreams just keep getting longer.

I am in fish heaven now. It is similar to Node Heaven except the nodes are replaced with fish. There are many bits and bytes and zeros and ones floating about. Information is eternal. I am the Perl compiler.

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